Safe commute with wallabys

“World’s first working ship on spring struts", that’s how the Wallaby Boats were called on the German TV channel NDR. A full aluminum prototype is currently being built in Lauenburg by the Hitzler shipyard.

NORIS is on board with a worldwide novelty

Wallabies, the little kangaroos that happily jumping through Australia? Nearly. We are talking about the "first working ship in the world on spring struts"[1]. The prototype of the Wallaby Boats is currently being built in Lauenburg, at and with the production partner Hitzler Werft.


The technology is promising: the hull and superstructure of the ship are not permanently connected but spring-loaded via hydraulic cylinders. To save weight, the ship is made of aluminum.
The purpose behind it: to disembark safely even in rough seas. The “Nauti-Craft suspension system” ensures wave balance and keeps the deck steady. Later the wallabies can serve as a kind of high-tech ferry to bring technicians and engineers safely to offshore facilities at sea.


Wallaby Boats also ensures maximum safety on board and relies on the experience and know-how of NORIS Group GmbH for automation. With the NORIMOS 4 alarm, monitoring and control system, a decentralized, modular system solution (multi-master/slave) was integrated, which increases operational reliability through redundant bus architecture and self-monitoring functions.


The Wallabys are not only a benefit for the environment when they are used for the wind farm, the ships themselves are also far ahead in terms of sustainability: Calculated with the lowest fuel consumption per nautical mile, the wallabies are the “fuel savers” among the catamarans. In addition, solar cells are integrated into the superstructure and the waste heat from the hydraulic system is used internally. The general concept is also outstanding: the high-tech ships have the lowest CO2 footprint relating to the entire lifetime of the ship. To increase efficiency and save maintenance costs, the focus is on the NORIS cloud service NORINET. This collects data that can be used for predictive maintenance or to improve performance.


Environmentally friendly, the latest technology and an impressive design - that's something to be proud of! The Wallaby Boats received the "Blue Angel for Design and Operation!"
By the way: Not only do the spring legs look like the hind legs of kangaroos, also the original idea comes from Australia.


[1]Source: NDR-report (03/08/2022): Gefederter Katamaran: Lauenburger Werft baut