Energy solutions

Use your energy more efficiently, save on energy costs and reduce wear and tear in generators and batteries

Energy Management System

Overview about important functions

  • Silent / noise reduction
  • Standby / reserve mode
  • Peak shaving
  • Charge / discharge management
  • Ripple reduction
  • Increase efficiency by reducing energy consumption.
  • Reduction of operating and maintenance costs
  • Automatic selection of the optimal combination of energy sources


Manage all power sources and consumers on one system

The Energy Management System (EMS) is a centralized control system for the safe and efficient operation for all hybrid and electric powered vessels. It enables the optimal use of all energy resources, taking into account the different characteristics of all power sources and the main consumers. Furthermore, it provides forecasts such as range, maximum cruising speed or laytime for the necessary charging operations.

The EMS is a modular, stand-alone system and offers flexibility in terms of interfaces, functions and user interface. This makes it possible to control propulsion and energy systems from all manufacturers. Even the most complex functions can be implemented without having to adapt the standardized control of the individual energy systems. It can also be fully integrated into our NORISTAR 4 remote drive control system to realize a central drive and energy management.

  • Control all functions in one system
  • Integrate all common brands of energy sources and consumers
  • Benefit from interfaces to external alarm and monitoring system (AMS) and propulsion control system (RCS) or fully integration into NORIS Systems
  • Stabilise the energy supply mode
  • Reduce wear on generators and batteries
  • Increase operation reliability and safety mode