Energy solutions

Safe energy storage system for the efficient use of energy

Energy storage system

  • Modular system for flexible system scalability
  • Easy system configuration and cost-efficient installation and service
  • Safe and reliable energy storage due to CellCool Liquid Cooling
  • Maximum power and performance due to high performance XALT Lithium-ion cells (3C rate)
  • Modular cell exchange concept (CellSwapTM) ensures easy renewing of old cells
  • Different battery modules for different application requirements


Why Energy Storage Systems?

Energy storage systems (ESS) are an essential part for modern, environmental-friendly and energy-efficient ship propulsion systems. By using different ship operating modes, the energy balance can be significantly improved and thus, the fuel consumption and the emission volume can be reduced or in case of fully electric systems, emission can be even completely avoided. By using an energy storage system, the combustion engines operate mainly within the optimum speed and load range and this reduces the maintenance costs. Furthermore, the redundancy of electrical and common propulsion drives minimises immensely the blackout risk. In the field of energy storage, the battery storages belong to the most common and most efficient storage systems.

Why a SPBES Battery Storage System?

SPBES ( is the market leader in the field of lithium-ion battery storage and their battery storage system is currently one of the most efficient and secure systems worldwide. As a well-known supplier of reliable and customised automation systems for all ship types, we integrate the SPBES systems in our own solutions.

Thanks to the modular system concept, it is easy to customise your energy storage solution exactly to your application. It is based on liquid cooled, encapsulated high power battery modules which are installed via „plug & play“ in modular racks. This enables a simple system scalability and configuration, installation and also a simple replacement in case of service. Furthermore, it reduces purchase, installation and maintenance costs – a cost-effective and sustainable solution. Give us a call or write us an email and tell us about your project.

  • Approved system (already in use in numerous projects from fish farming vessels and ferries to offshore supply vessels and also on mega yachts as well as in numerous onshore industrial applications)
  • Individual consulting for your application from experts
  • Safe and reliable due to SPBES CellCoolTM Liquid Cooling
  • Simple integration into both new buildings and retrofit applications
  • Optimised fuel consumption and lower engine maintenance costs by efficient energy usage
  • Reduces number of generator start/stops or even saves space due to the fact that less generators are necessary
  • Reduced blackout risk by operating ESS
  • Project-specific class approval for any of the major classes (ABS, BV, DNV-GL, LR)