Vessel performance management

NORINET – Benefit from fast and secure data transmission

NORINET cloud-based solution


  • Fast, reliable and secure data transfer via MQTT protocol
  • Data caching when internet connection is interrupted
  • Optimisation of vessel and fleet performance as well as maintenance processes
  • App-based functionality to ease customisation and to reduce costs
  • Secure real-time remote monitoring
  • Performance reports and analytics based on historical data
  • Easy system updates
  • User management and multiple user access


NORINET system concept

NORINET cloud-based vessel monitoring and analysis is based on the latest technical infrastructure. The NORINET interface unit is installed on the vessel with access to the internet and connected to the vessel’s LAN network. It works as data collector, processor and gateway. The secure data transfer from the interface unit to the cloud is done via MQTT messaging protocol and ensures minimum network traffic and maximum scalability.

Data from the alarm, monitoring and control system (AMCS) and navigation data is transferred via GPRS to an onshore server in the cloud. These data can be accessed via internet with multiple clients (PC, tablet or smart phone with a standard web browser).

App-based cloud services

The NORINET cloud service is provided in individual and selectable applications. This allows the customer to use only specific features and functions that are necessary for his tasks. The NORINET applications can be customised, if necessary, to meet your requirements.



NORINET System Structure