Indicators with moving-coil element

Analogue indicators with moving-coil element


Analogue indicator SIR3 / SIQ3

  • Robust glass-fibre-reinforced plastic housing, also suitable for outdoor areas; round or square design
  • Individual scale design and corporate logos possible
  • Also available with a centred zero moving-coil element (±1 mA)
  • Direct connection of the current, voltage measuring signals
  • Complies with DNV GL certification (other certifications available on request)


Type SIR3, SIQ3 analogue indicators are commonly used in the fields of the shipbuilding industry, transport technology, machinery and equipment. They are suitable for use in harsh ambient conditions and comply with the requirements of DIN EN 50155 for railway applications and the ship classification society DNV-GL. Thanks to its mechanical design, the casing is extremely resistant to salt spray, enabling use in outdoor applications.

Technical data

Input signalAnalogue measuring signals (current, voltage)
Operating temperatureReference range of operation: 5 ... 35 °C, nominal range of operation: -25 ... +70 °C
Connection8-pin connector
MountingFastening screws with dovetail key and hand knob (tool-less)
Protection classIEC 60529: Front of housing IP66, IP67 and IP68 (1m, 24h); rear of housing IP30 (standard, higher on request)
ApprovalsDNV-GL (other certifications available on request)

Ordering information

Structure of type code SIR3…, SIQ3…
R3-060-I2-123Example: SIR3-060-I2-123
Housing type
 Housing size
 Input signal
 Scale version
Type code SIR3…, SIQ3…
Housing typeRRound 
Series 3Fixed digit (indicator generation) 
Housing size -072Square, front frame size 72 x 72 mm 
-096Square, front frame size 96 x 96 mm 
-144Square, front frame size 144 x 144 mm 
-060Round, housing diameter Ø 60 mm 
-080Round, housing diameter Ø 80 mm 
-100Round, housing diameter Ø 100 mm 
-130Round, housing diameter Ø 130 mm 
Input signal -I1Direct current 0…20 mA 
-I2Direct current 4…20 mA 
-I4Direct current -20…0...+20 mA 
-I0Direct current, customer-specific compensation 
-U1DC voltage, 0 ... 10 VDC 
-U2DC voltage, 2 ... 10 VDC 
-U4DC voltage, -10…0…+10 VDC 
-U0DC voltage, customer-specific compensation 
-UG0DC voltage, compensation for GE1214 tachometer 
-W0Customised alternating voltage measuring range 
Scale version -123Measuring range, scale graduations etc. 
-V456Customised indicator
SI_3-_ _ _-_ _Example: SIQ3-096-U2-123

Ordering information

  • To ensure the dial design is implemented as accurately as possible, exact descriptions, drawings or photos of existing dials should accompany the order.
  • If the dial markings are not specified when ordering, coarse/fine scale graduations will be supplied as standard. An orientation graduation or other deviating dial markings must be specified in the order.
  • The dial version number and the V### number are assigned by NORIS.