Customised sensor assembly (cable harness)

Customised sensor assemblies

Wiring harness 4x speed-temperature

  • Robust sensor assembly composed of the sensors, cables and connectors of your choice
  • Manufactured to your requirements and specifications
  • Meets railway industry requirements as per DIN EN 50155
  • Optimised for use in the underfloor area of high-speed trains for regions with extreme weather conditions
  • Optionally with protective tubing for extremely harsh environments
  • Optionally with 360° pivoted connections for avoiding torsional stress
  • Optionally with fire protection certificate


We manufacture notably robust and protected sensor assemblies for your application. Great demands are placed on sensors and wiring, particularly in the underfloor area. While sensors are mostly installed with mechanical protection, the cables are often exposed to direct impact from stones and ice, and connections are exposed to moisture. High torsional forces also act on the cabling, mounting parts and sensor connection in case of longer cable runs and can result in cable breaks or even damage to the sensor. We have just the right solution to this problem.

Your tailor-made solution

Several sensors (e.g. temperature and/or speed sensors), a plug connector of your choice and protective tubing, if necessary, are combined, thus creating a robust sensor assembly. Our technicians take measurements on site to ensure optimum adaptation of the cable lengths to the gearbox, engine/motor, etc.

Your cabling options

  • Multi-level protected system by using robust cables, optional protective tubing and direct connection of the sensors to the plug connector without additional intermediate connections
  • Polyamide or special protective tubing structure for applications in particularly harsh environments
  • Optionally with our patented 360° pivoted connections for avoiding torsional stress
  • Optionally with fire protection certificate

For more information, please refer to our brochure Solutions for transport technology. Our service department is at your disposal: our technical sales staff stand ready to offer no-obligation advice.



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