Elevating Maritime Automation and Sensors

Elevating Maritime Automation and Sensors

Innovative technology ‘Made in Germany’ from experts for demanding industries. 

Noris Group GmbH

Pioneers in automation and sensor technology

Noris Group GmbH

Pioneers in automation and sensor technology

Noris develops and manufactures:

  • customised maritime automation solutions
  • and sensor solutions

for the shipbuilding industry and transport technology. 

We offer comprehensive engineering solutions and individual support services. Our customers include renowned suppliers and component manufacturers (OEM) for shipping companies, shipyards and system integrators from all over the world.

Graw Radiosondes, one of the world's largest manufacturers of meteorological radiosondes, is also a member of the Noris family.

Expertise of the Noris Group

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Das Bild zeigt einen Tanker mit Containern beladen auf hoher, tiefblauer See mit blauem Himmel und einem Wolenstreifen am Horizont

Shipbuilding industry

In the shipbuilding industry, we equip RoRo, tankers, cargo, passenger and special-purpose ships with our products and solutions for the automation of ship operating technology. 

In addition to the automation systems, we also supply complete measurement chains for this: from sensors and signal processing to visualisation.

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Das Bild zeigt eine Megayacht vor einer grünen Insel an einem klaren, sonnigen Tag


We develop customised, exclusive and unique products and solutions for propulsion control and automation in a timelessly elegant design for mega yachts. 

We design and develop integrated bridge systems for a modern, standardised and unmistakable "look and feel" on your yacht. We also supply the appropriate sensors and devices for signal processing and visualisation.

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Das Bild zeigt einen Hochgeschwindigkeitszug, der durch eine grüne Landschaft mit Äckern und Wiesen fährt

Transport technology

We equip locomotives, regional and long-distance railcars, high-speed trains, trams, underground trains (metros) and special-purpose vehicles with our innovative sensors. 

Therefore, we develop speed sensors, temperature sensors, acceleration sensors and customer-specific sensor systems for bogie monitoring, traction control, wheel slide protection and brake management as well as analogue indicators for visualisation.

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Das Bild zeigt eine Schiff der Coast Guard auf ruhiger See


For coast guard and military vessels, we provide a comprehensive automation portfolio. Our solutions include propulsion control, engine and gearbox monitoring, power and energy management, and sophisticated monitoring and control capabilities —all integrated within a unified platform management system (IPMS).

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Das Bild zeigt eine Landschaftmit Äckern und Wiesen sowie einigen Windrädern und einem Fabrikgebäude aus der Dronenpersppektive

Machinery and equipment

In machinery and equipment, our products are used wherever the highest demands are placed on robustness and reliability. 

We measure speed, temperature and acceleration and visualise in locations with extreme environmental conditions.

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Das Bild zeigt einen weißen Ballon mit einer weißen Radiosonde. Im Hintergrund ist ein strahlend blauer Himmel mit einigen Wolken zu sehen.


We develop and produce radiosondes for meteorological balloon ascents to measure temperature, air pressure, wind and humidity. 

We offer the right equipment for carrying out and analysing ascents, starting with ground stations and receiving antennas, the appropriate software for analysis and evaluation, balloons and balloon filling stations through to management software for easy and convenient monitoring of a large number of groundstations.

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Your career at Noris

Das Bild zeigt zwei junge Auszubildende und die Zuständige Mitarbeiterin des Personals. Sie sitzen im Park auf eine Bank.
Looking for current vacancies?

Your career at Noris

Are you considering new career opportunities? Do you enjoy the occasional challenge and care to work in a dedicated team? Do you enjoy searching for new solutions? Then Noris is the right place for you!


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What makes us proud

An extract of our customers

What makes us proud

An extract of our customers

As a leading supplier company in shipbuilding, transport technology and meteorology, we are proud to work with the most renowned companies in these sectors. Our customers inspire our passion and drive our pursuit of perfection.


99 years young

We, the Noris Group, founded in 1925, have every reason to celebrate: 99 years of Noris!

The image shows the christening of the wallaby boat

Robert Habeck as godfather of the first Wallaby Boat "Impulse"

Robert Habeck as Godfather! How cool is that? April 22, 2024: Excitement fills the air at the Port of Kappeln. Today, it was officially christened as "Impulse".

Launch of the first new Wallaby Boat

An exciting day at the Hitzler Werft GmbH: many guests followed the invitation to Lauenburg at the Elbe to watch and celebrate the launch of the new Wallaby Boat.

The daily work of our service technicians

Insights from the day-to-day business from one of our service technicians. Good service is the be-all and end-all! We look after our projects from the very beginning…

The image shows the headquarters of Noris Group Nuremberg, drone view

Better environmental balance for our headquarters

Green since 1925 - at least our company name is. High time to do it justice. Our goal for 2023: To become more sustainable and increase environmental friendliness at Noris. 

Das Bild zeigt einen Screenshot von ein Schwimmdock.

On a dive - automation done differently

One of our latest projects, in this case for Saudi Aramco, revolves around an unusual refit, because this time we are not on the ship, but underneath it.