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In the field of transport technology, we equip railway locomotives, trams, underground trains and special-purpose vehicles with our innovative products. Great demands must be met in terms of safety, reliability and durability here. So it goes without saying that our products meet the requirements of DIN EN 50155.

Rapid transit and low-floor trains

Sensors on the engines in rapid transit and low-floor trains are at particular risk of damage. Soiled track beds at stops and on the roads (metal chips, dirt, etc.), as well as strong vibrations on uneven routes, put an incredible strain on the electronics and cabling. Tests have measured peak values of over 100 g (shock) being sustained by sensors in the underfloor area. In such conditions, even the slightest torsional stress, hairline cracks in cabling or untight transitions at connections can damage the sensors and result in failures or expensive repairs. With our products and solutions, we specialise in meeting this challenge.

High-speed trains

Our years of experience and our close cooperation with our customers have shown that extremely robust solutions are called for in particular when it comes to applications in high-speed trains, where there are soiled track beds and under extreme temperatures. The housings and wiring of temperature sensors and speed sensors on the traction motor, gearbox and wheelset of high-speed trains are often weak points, as they are exposed to permanently high temperatures and mechanical stresses. Our solutions are ideal for these harsh environments.

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