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NORIMOS 3500 ­Monitoring and Control



NORIMOS 3500 – The cost-effective computer-based
alarm, monitoring and control system

The N3500 (NORIMOS 3500) is our cost-efficient alarm, monitoring and control system for engines and auxiliary systems. The system is based on two central, redundant PC master stations. They collect and monitor the measurement data from the connected I/O modules. With up to 9,000 I/Os, a matching alarm extension system for accommodation and a monitoring display for the bridge, the system can be easily extended and adapted to any application.


The N3500 is based on robust components and can be used flexibly: from simple data acquisition systems up to complex alarm and monitoring systems with integrated control functions for pumps, valves and fans. The system is approved by all conventional shipbuilding classification societies (ABS, BV, CCS, DNV-GL) and thus, is the ideal companion for all aspects of the monitoring and control of shipboard propulsion systems.

  • Centralised and computer-based monitoring and control of engines and generators
  • Monitoring and control of auxiliary systems (e. g. pumps, valves, fans, etc.)
  • Visual and acoustic alarm triggering
  • Redundant interfaces (CANbus, Ethernet) and interfaces for external systems
  • Self-monitoring function for the system
  • Functions:
    • Alarm list
    • Graphical display of system information (e. g. analogue indicators, bar graphs, etc.)
    • Analysis tools: Trend monitoring
    • Alarm history (24 h)
  • Option: Alarm extension system components with duty alarm system for bridge, accommodation and mess rooms
  • Easy scalability: suitable for simple data acquisition systems, but both small and complex monitoring systems
  • Cost-efficient via standardised and modular components and functions
  • Can be easily adapted to customer requirements
  • Option: alarm extension system with displays for accommodation and for the bridge
  • Fast and simple assistance thanks to a global service and sales network
  • Fast availability of spare parts guaranteed over many years
  • Approval from all common ship classification societies: ABS, BV, CCS, DNV


N3500 Schema

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