Automation systems

NORISYS 4 Automation Platform



The heart of the automation platform

The NORISYS 4 is our open platform, which you can use to automate your application. At its heart is the NORISYS 4 - CPU central control unit, which is equipped with a powerful 32-bit processor and a multitasking function for running several programs simultaneously. An integrated web server facilitates user-friendly configuration and platform-independent web-based visualisation (CODESYS). Web access enables data to be retrieved, which can then be stored externally and centrally so it can be analysed, and makes it easy to carry out remote maintenance too.

Multi master principle for maximum operational reliability and system availability

Various extension components are available for processing measuring signals and binary I/Os from actuators. These are connected to the central control unit in order to form a subsystem, which is configured for the application and installed in a distributed manner. Several of these subsystems are grouped together into one system (multi master principle) to form your automation solution. The subsystems work fully independently of one another, feature redundant bus technology and have built-in self-monitoring functions. This guarantees maximum operational reliability and system availability.


Thanks to their robust construction, the components can be installed in the immediate vicinity of engines and gearboxes, with their approvals making them ideal for applications in shipbuilding. They can be used to realise both small applications and complex systems, such as:

  • Exhaust gas monitoring systems or simple data acquisition systems
  • Fuel level measuring system
  • Ballast and bilge system
  • Harbour and vessel crane automation
  • Control of pumps, valves and fans
  • Alarm and monitoring system for engines (AMS)
  • Safety system for engines
  • Start/stop system for engines
  • Gearbox monitoring and control
  • Integrated monitoring and control systems (IAMCS)
  • Remote control systems for shipboard propulsion systems
  • Control of generators and power management (PMS)
  • Integrated platform management systems (IPMS)
  • Sea mark automation
  • Control of combined heat and power plants
  • I/O master module with powerful 32-bit processor
  • Controls up to 16 I/O slave modules
  • Robust design for harsh environments (shipbuilding approvals)
  • Integrated web server for user-friendly configuration and web-based visualisation
  • IEC 61131 compliant PLC that can be flexibly programmed (CODESYS)
  • Integrated 32 GB SD card (e.g. logging function) and USB interface
  • Ideal for use in shipbuilding thanks to approvals from classification societies
  • For flexible and expandable automation solutions with an IEC 61131-3 compliant PLC that can be flexibly programmed (CODESYS)
  • Easily scalable: suitable for small systems right up to highly complex integrated systems
  • Web-based visualisation for a platform-independent display in a standard web browser
  • Mobile visualisation solutions available on request (tablet, smartphone)
  • Integrated web server for web access (remote maintenance, data retrieval, etc.) and user-friendly configuration
  • Comprehensive package of standard functions for applications in shipbuilding
  • Approvals for shipbuilding: ABS, BV, DNV, LR, NK