On a dive - automation done differently

Have you ever wondered how a ship is maintained from the outside? Our latest project, a refit, revolves around this very issue. Curious? Read more

Teamwork and Mystery Solving at its Best!

We saved Sherlock Holmes! Murder at 221b Baker Street. The prime suspect: Sherlock Holmes himself! Impossible! The brave NORIS detectives took matters into their own hands, investigating discreetly without involving the police.

Better environmental balance for our headquarters

Green since 1925 - at least our company name is. High time to do it justice. Our goal for 2023: To become more sustainable and increase environmental friendliness at NORIS.

The daily work of our service technicians

Some insights gleaned from the day-to-day business of our traveling service technicians.

New series for refits!

This time we are in Egypt, in the port of Alexandria and equip tugboats with our NORIMOS 4 alarm and monitoring and control system (AMCS).

NORIS x YANMAR - A strong Partnership

Welcome to today’s draw: 195, 173, 2016, 7, 55, lucky star number 60. No, we’re not talking about Lotto. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proudly presenting the “automation series star” of our partnership with YANMAR, our myNORIS LOP.

Simply the best!

We are proud! Our trainee Max has mastered his apprenticeship as the best in the class of 2022! Short interview with Max about success, his passion for electrical engineering and his plans for the future.

Urban Transport relocated on water

NORIS in Project! New approach to the mobility transition. Electrically operated ships are intended to relieve city traffic.

Sensors with an innovative Add-On

News from the railway sector:NORIS has a project for SIEMENS Mobility in which an electronic nameplate is integrated into a temperature sensor for the first time.

Visiting Ship: A not-everyday-event!

Early this year, the inland waterway vessel "Annerose" received a refit. Since then, she has our NORISTAR 4 propulsion control system and our myNORIS alarm and monitoring local operating panel (LOP) on board! Now she was visiting Nuremberg.

Maiden Cruise of SH Vega

Finally: Maiden cruise of SH Vega starts in July: The second hybrid ship of the Swan Hellenic cruise line also has our NORISTAR 4 on board.

NORIS at SMM Hamburg

Amazing! The world's largest shipbuilding fair opens its doors for the 30th time! We don't want to miss this anniversary. From 6th to 9th September, we will be at the SMM in Hamburg!

NORISTAR 4 at Maritime Industry

Last week YANMAR as well as August Storm were busy at trade fairs. Our NORISTAR 4 drive lever panel was also there. Our trade fair favorite is always well received by visitors, who doesn't want to miss the chance to feel like a captain?

Guests from all over the world!

The first live training for a long time: Partners and employees of the engine manufacturer YANMAR, our long-term partner, were guests at our headquarters in Nuremberg!

NORIS equipped historic ship with N3000

What an honour: NORIS on the oldest seaworthy lightship in the world! Our latest project is historic: With our NORIMOS 3000 alarm and monitoring system, we are on the 134-year-old lightship "Elbe3".

Happy Birthday! Our partner SIBO has 30th anniversary this year.

For NORIS, this is a great reason to celebrate! Since 2004 NORIS Group and SIBO Group have a joint venture called NORIS-SIBO Automation with headquarter in Shanghai.

Easter Special: Interview with our youngest colleagues

What does young people motivate to choose a company that is almost 100 years old? What hurdles do they have to overcome and what would they change if they could? Celina and Lea talking about tradition, health measures at work and enthusiasm for technology

Greetings from Norway!

As announced, our trade fair tour continues: NORIS was at Nor-Shipping with of our partner TECO electronics.

Finally Offline!

NORIS has officially started the trade fair season! In March, our colleagues were live at the Asia Pacific Maritime in Singapore.

Safe commute with wallabys

“World’s first working ship on spring struts", that’s how the Wallaby Boats were called on the German TV channel NDR. A full aluminum prototype is currently being built in Lauenburg by the Hitzler shipyard.

Successful Sea Trial

Semi-submersible vessel Xin Yao Hua is ready to start

Railway sensors from Nuremberg to Nuremberg

Back to the roots: NORIS has a project in nuremberg!

A very special Christmas greeting

What does Nuremberg's gingerbread have to with Christmas and why do the Schmidmers bake for the employees?

Staff organises anniversary party for Michael and Florian Schmidmer

For the 25th anniversary of the two managing directors Michael and Florian Schmidmer, the employees of NORIS came up with something special.

TRAKO railway fair opens its gates

TRAKO railway fair opens its gates from 21th to 24th September. Visit us!