Energy solutions

Power Management System for the optimum use of energy and the protection of your on-board power system and other electrical equipment

NORISYNC 4 Power Management System


  • CPU based multi-master system for flexible system scalability
  • Safety through redundant communication
  • Different operation modes
  • Easy system configuration
  • Intelligent control of energy storage systems
  • Standardised interfaces to higher level systems
  • Remote access for maintenance and service
  • Approvals in preparation: BV, DNV-GL, LR


NORISYNC 4 – the power management system for ships

NORISYNC 4 is our new power management system (PMS) and optimises the generation and use of electricity. Core of the system is the new power management controller NORISYS 4 PMC. It is based on our open automation platform NORISYS 4 that was especially developed to automate marine applications. As a customised solution, NORISYNC 4 efficiently manage the power distribution, load depending start and stops of diesel generators, the load sharing, synchronising the generator set power and also the use of the energy storage system (ESS) of hybrid and fully electric propulsion systems.

The most important functions at a glance

  • Automatic synchronisation
  • Automatic load sharing
  • Automatic generator start / stop
  • Load analysis and monitoring
  • Redundant power distribution
  • Improvement of energy balance, reduction of energy consumption and energy costs
  • Prevention of blackouts (managing critical loads)
  • Reduction of investment costs
  • Protection of generators and other electrical equipment by monitoring secure operation