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NORISTAR 4 Propulsion Control



NORISTAR 4 – The flexible propulsion control system for all propulsion drives

The NORISTAR 4 is our powerful propulsion control system (PCS, RCS Remote Control System) for all types of ship, whether tugboats, cargo ships, passenger ships or super yachts. It is based on our NORISYS 4 open automation platform and is suitable for all propulsion drives. The system can be configured for multiple control consoles and offers many useful functions, such as load distribution, preprogrammed control programs, "electric shaft" function, start/stop logic, DP and joystick function. Configuration and monitoring are performed in a simple and user-friendly way via an integrated touchscreen display. Optional web access makes service easier and facilitates remote maintenance and the transfer of data to fleet management.


The NORISTAR 4 is based on a modular design, can be flexibly scaled and is suitable for all ship sizes and drive types: whether CPP, FPP, azimuth/pump jet, water jet, gas turbine, booster or hybrid drives. The system will be individually configured for your drive. This enables a modular system layout to be achieved with drive levers, displays and various control and display panels.

  • Suitable for all shipboard propulsion systems: FPP, CPP, azimuth/pump jet, water jet, gas turbines, booster or hybrid drives
  • Preprogrammed settings for drives and automated functions for load selection and acceleration programs
  • Extensions: Control and display panels for additional functions and integration of external systems
  • Analogue indicators and graphical displays for simple and user-friendly monitoring of control functions
  • "One button takeover" function for changing over between control consoles
  • Inputs for safety systems (e.g. shut down, slow down)
  • Electric shaft function
  • Interfaces with VDR, IMACS, etc.
  • Self-monitoring function
  • Easy scalability: suitable for all ship types, ship sizes and drive systems
  • Comprehensive package of standard functions, easy to adapt to customer requirements
  • Individual and unique designs can be created for yachts
  • Simple integration of and into third-party systems
  • Compatible with all NORIS systems: alarm and monitoring system, local gearbox control systems (LOPs), etc.
  • Web access for remote maintenance, data retrieval and central data storage (analyses, fleet management) and service
  • Fast and simple assistance thanks to a global service and sales network
  • Fast availability of spare parts guaranteed over many years
  • Approval from all common ship classification societies: BV, DNV, KR, LR, NK


Schematic diagram for FPP, CPP or gas turbine systems

Example: FPP, CPP or gas turbine

Schematic diagram for Azimuth, water jet or pump jet system

Example: Azimuth, water jet, pump jet