Acceleration sensors

Ideal for condition monitoring for measuring vibration, temperature and/or speed

Multi sensors

GC_Multi Sensor_1024x768

  • Any combination of up to three sensors in one housing for measuring acceleration (vibration), speed, and/or temperature
  • Space saving design and mechanically compatible with compact standard NORIS designs (threaded and flanged sensors)
  • Vibration and structure borne noise measurements with low noise level
  • Easy to install and service: minimised installation, wiring, and maintenance work
  • On request with long lived wiring with special protective tubing against extreme heat, frost, and impact from stones
  • Ideal for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • Type tested in compliance with DIN EN 50155 for rail applications


Multi sensor for condition monitoring

Discover new possibilities with our flexible multi sensor for condition monitoring

The multi sensor combines several sensors, including a vibration sensor, in one housing and is designed to measure structure borne noise levels for the detection of wear processes. In addition to the vibration sensor, also a temperature and/or speed sensor can be integrated in the multi sensor. The sensor can also be used as a retrofit for upgrading older systems with only one measuring point (e. g. rpm).

Different design types

A further advantage is the wide range of design types and connections that let you choose the model best suited to your application:

  • Flange housing
  • Screw-in sensor with male thread
  • Stick-in sensor
  • Customised connecting cable with open end
  • Connecting plug of your choice
  • On request, cable protection for applications in extreme environments

Application examples

  • Wheel set monitoring: vibration measurements on wheel flanges and bearings
  • Bogie monitoring: loose parts, resonance, bearing damage
  • Drive system monitoring: vibration measurements on traction motor and gearing (e. g. gearwheel damage, bearing damage, imbalance)

Sensor combinations


Sensor combination


2 x FA + 1 x TA + 1 x BA


2 x FA + 1 x TA


2 x FA + 1 x BA


1 x TA + 1 x BA

FA = Speed, TA = Temperature, BA = Vibration

Technical Data

The technical data of the multi sensor depends on the sensor combination in the housing, the design and the connection type. You can find the general technical data in our product flyer that can be obtained from our sales team.