NORISYS 4 I/O modules

I/O slave module with 16 digital inputs, 4 analogue inputs, 4 analogue outputs and 2 relay outputs


I/O module NORISYS4 16DI4AI4O
  • 16 digital inputs
  • 4 analogue inputs for processing analogue standard signals (current, voltage, temperature, resistance)
  • 4 potential-free analogue outputs for standard signals that can be changed over (current, voltage)
  • Robust design for harsh environments
  • Ideal for use in shipbuilding thanks to approvals from classification societies


The NORISYS 4 16I4AI4AO is an I/O slave module and is controlled by an N4 CPU master module. It acquires the position of switches, such as limit switches, sensor switching outputs, operator switches and operator buttons, at 16 independent digital inputs. In addition, it is equipped with 4 configurable inputs for analogue signals for Pt100, Pt1000, type K or J thermocouple, resistors up to 10kΩ or standard signals 0/4 … 20 mA and -10 … 0/2 … +10 V. Also built in are 4 potential-free outputs for analogue standard signals that can be changed over 0/4 … 20 mA or 0/2 … 10 V and -10 V ... +10 V, supplemented by 2 signal relay outputs.

Technical data

Supply voltage US18 ... 32 VDC
Digital inputs16
Digital inputs - signal current sensor∼9 mA ± 1 mA
Analogue inputs4
Analogue inputs - signal current sensor<∼25 mA
Analogue outputs4
InterfacesMODBUS RTU or N4-ExtBus
Vibration resistance4g
Operating temperature-25°C ... 70°C