Welcome to today’s draw: 195, 173, 2016, 7, 55, lucky star number 60. No, we’re not talking about Lotto.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proudly presenting the “automation series star” of our partnership with YANMAR, our myNORIS LOP (Local Operating Panel) for engine monitoring and control.

Star? Yes, we sold 195 LOPs in general, 173 of them directly to YANMAR – and they have already ordered 60 more!

Series? Isn´t NORIS specialised on customised single projects? Not exclusively! for several partners we offer special solutions in series productions.

Partnership? 2016 – YANMAR becomes officially our partner! It´s more than a “we sell-they buy”-relationship. YANMAR is sending their employees and partners to us, to get trainings for example. Our department “maritime solutions” has already held 7 training courses with a total of 55 participants. Six of them took place at our headquarter in Nuremberg.

How do you actually win a big partner?Luck? Coincidence? Expertise? A little bit of everything?

Luck probably always plays, at least a small a role, but in the case of YANMAR it was mainly the combined efforts of the NORIS family, according to Ben Rietveld, Managing Director of NORIS Benelux. "It was only through the cooperation of the subsidiaries that we were able to land the major customer."