The “Two in One” Speed Sensor with class approval

Our speed sensors type FA11 (brass) and FA13 (stainless steel) are now available with two sensors in one housing. Therefore, we extended our product range and revised our sensors. Your advantages are additional measurement signals and further more space-saving mounting or easy replacement of old sensors, less wiring efforts and a robust and durable product with all common class approvals (ABS, BV; DNV-GL and LR).

The sensors are ideally suitable to measure the engine speed from 0.2 up to 20,000 Hz in extreme harsh environments. The optional status signal and the second 90° phase shifted output signal can be used e. g. to detect the direction of rotation. If required, the two output signals are galvanically isolated.

For further information visit the product websites FA13 or FA11 or contact our sales team.