1981 - 2000

Whereas the main customers had previously been the German engine manufacturers, from then on, shipyards and shipping companies had an increasing influence on decisions regarding the marine technology to be employed. For this reason, it was not only the sales activities that were increasingly relocated abroad. The ships' systems were also designed on an individual basis, and commissioning and service took place on the spot. Increasingly, this required the company to take an international approach.

After the opening of the East Germany border, NORIS succeeded in winning many of the shipyards on the Baltic Coast as new customers. Thus, in 1991 the decision was made to establish NORIS Steuerungstechnik GmbH in Rostock (later NORIS Automation Rostock GmbH) as a representative and final-assembly company with Mr. Meinz as Managing Director.

In October 1992 the company moved into the technology centre in Warnemünde and was awarded the contract to develop a remote control system for bridges to supplement the existing monitoring and safety systems. In 1993 Uwe Ulrich took over the management of the company and developed the NORISTAR remote control that went into production and was successfully launched onto the market in 1994.

1981-2000 NORISTAR 2000

In the same year Horst Schmidmer decided to establish the joint venture NORIS Automation Far East Pte. Ltd. together with Bond Instrumentation. Lawrence Chew, who at the time worked for Bond Instrumentation, was appointed as the Managing Director. The new company with its headquarters in Singapore was responsible for the entire East Asian market, especially China.

In April 1995 the engineering department at the company's head office in Nuremberg was commissioned to carry out a feasibility study for a new monitoring system featuring distribution of information via CANbus. This new NORIMOS 2000 generation was exhibited for the first time in 1996 at the SMM trade fair. A short time later the first systems were installed on ships.

1981-2000 N2000

In order to expand the company's presence on the Asian market, in 2004 another joint venture was established with Sibo Monitor Technique Engineering Co. Ltd., a reputable Chinese manufacturer of automation systems: NORIS-SIBO Automation Co. Ltd. with its headquarters in Shanghai established itself within a short period of time under Managing Director Xu Xudong as a reliable supplier of automation systems, measuring instruments and sensors, in both the Chinese shipbuilding market and the transportation technology sector.


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