We saved Sherlock Holmes! Murder at 221b Baker Street. ☠️⚰️
The prime suspect: Sherlock Holmes himself!

Impossible! The brave NORIS detectives took matters into their own hands, investigating discreetly without involving the police. Of course, our fearless boss was there to save Sherlock.


Guess who came to our aid? None other than Dr. Watson himself, determined to rescue his best friend.


With great success: Our colleagues cracked the case and unmasked the real murderer just in the nick of time!! ⌛✌️


But that's not all: Our team event was a huge triumph! We had a blast at the "Sherlock Holmes" themed escape room, and we're proud to say we cracked the puzzles.


Without spoiling anything - prepare to be surprised! We absolutely recommend finest escapes in Nuremberg.