NORIS is opening up new market segments

Exclusive bridge design on mega yachts belongs to the popular and prestigious job objects for manufacturer of navigation and remote control instruments. By this, companies can show how they combine the latest state-of-the-art technology with elegant design.

Control Lever   Control Lever

As the traditional shipbuilding, especially the maritime trade, still suffers from the week price and sales volume, in some industry sectors, e. g. the cruise shipping or the mega yacht construction, the order situation remains still positive.

The positive trend in the yacht construction business has barely changed in the recent years. Ships with a length under one hundred meter are meanwhile among the smaller yachts. The "Azzam", a huge yacht from the Lürssen shipyard in Bremen,  is currently the longest yacht. But even this boat will soon be the second longest mega yacht. The German suppliers benefit from this positive trend, because these yachts need more and more technical equipment.

NORIS has opened the door for this prestigious and profitable business with the open automation platform NORISYS. In the past, the company already equipped numerous mega yachts with remote control and engine alarm and monitoring systems. But the remote control has often been integrated into the user interface of technology partners. NORIS recognised the fact, that there is a major potential for the introduction of their own operating and display panels to give the bridge's control panel a unique look & feel.

Bridge Design

NORIS provides a concept that integrates the own remote control system as well as all bridge's technology partner, e. g. navigation, engine monitoring, illumination, door and horn control etc., with all necessary interfaces in a uniform and unique operating surface. Therfore, NORIS continue to develope the automation platform NORISYS in the recent years. Besides the remote control system, new lever systems and modular operating and display panels were introduced to the market and thus, the product portfolio was extened and rounded off for all kind of propulsion types and bridge's application.

Last year, NORIS developed exclusively for Lürssen a special control lever system for mega yachts. That was a further important step to show the companie's competence in the field of bridge design.