NORIS and STORM enter into a strategic partnership

NORIS and STORM enter into a strategic partnership, offering new perspectives for shipyards and ship owners looking to modernise their fleets

August Storm GmbH & Co. KG, one of the largest OEM-independent service providers for engines, propulsion and control systems in the maritime sector, and NORIS Group GmbH, experts in marine engine automation, conclude a strategic partnership for repairing and overhauling old marine engines. As both companies have observed over the last few years, many shipping companies are currently struggling with high costs and long downtimes when seeking to overhaul their fleets. In many cases, the original products have since been discontinued and spare parts are either difficult to find or simply no longer available. The field of control systems and automation can, in particular, represent a major problem often underestimated and overlooked here.

"There is simply a lack of flexible solutions that can be implemented swiftly," comments Christian Felthaus, Account Manager at August Storm GmbH & Co. KG. The two companies recognize great potential here, as STORM brings both experience and expertise in providing sustainable services for engines, gearboxes and auxiliary systems to the partnership. NORIS has long since been focussing on refit operations with its intelligent automation solutions for engines, gearboxes and auxiliary systems. The company also already offers ready-made, easily adaptable solutions for many engine types, such as the refit for the WECS 2000 engine control system from Wärtsilä.

The partnership recently got started in earnest with a first joint refit project for shipping company Norden-Frisia, which offers trips to popular destinations such as Norderney and Juist with a fleet that currently comprises more than 12 ships. In concrete terms, this first project involves overhauling the engine and propulsion control system of the Frisia II passenger ship. "Thanks to our expertise and the systems provided by NORIS, we are confident that we can get the project completed in record time," comments Vinzenz Löcken, Service Centre Manager at STORM. He then goes on to add that the market for flexible refit solutions is very large and that the partnership is also primarily targeting small and medium-sized shipping companies.

August Storm GmbH & Co. KG is one of the largest OEM-independent service providers in Europe for internal combustion engines of all established brands in the power range from 100 to 7,000 kW. More than 350 specially trained employees at 14 locations throughout Germany employ practical solutions to deliver fast and flexible services for marine engines, construction machinery, locomotives, stationary power systems and also industrial installations - with a focus on ultimate precision.