1925 - 1934

The company was founded on the 24th of August 1925 in Nuremberg under the name NORIS Tachometerwerk Dr. Siegfr. Guggenheimer GmbH (later only NORIS Tachometerwerk GmbH) by the German physicist Dr. Siegfried Guggenheimer and his colleague Paul Hansen. With mechanical instruments for rotational-speed measurement (tachometers and tachographs), centrifugal switches and electrical remote tachometer systems for use in the machinery, mining, shipbuilding and aircraft-manufacturing industries, in the first 8 years of its existence NORIS developed into an export-oriented company with approximately 30 employees, whose durable products were held in high regard by customers in Eastern Europe, the UK and the USA.

In 1933 Dr. Guggenheimer's Jewish descent led to him becoming the victim of harassment by the Nazi hate sheet "Stürmer". In the light of subsequent political developments, in 1937 Dr. Guggenheimer decided to emigrate to Italy with his family and sold NORIS Tachometerwerk GmbH to Dr. Ing. Ernst Schmidmer. Dr. Guggenheimer remained in close contact with Ernst Schmidmer and ran the company's entire international business from Milan until his early death on the 8th of December 1938.


1925-1934 Dr Guggenheimer