Pressure sensors

Pressure sensor for absolute and relative pressure measurement


Pressure sensor PA[..]9
  • Suitable for absolute and relative pressure measurement
  • Vacuum-proof
  • Various types of connection: Plug connections/cable outlet
  • Various process connections
  • Certified for shipbuilding industry and offshore by DNV-GL


Pressure sensors of type PAA9 and PAG9 are pressure transducers for relative and absolute pressure made of chromium-nickel steel. They acquire the pressure of diesel engines, pumps, filters, compressors, hydraulic and pneumatic control systems.

Technical data

Supply voltage US8 ... 30 VDC @ output signal 4 ... 20 mA; 14 ... 30 VDC @ output signal 0 ... 10 VDC
Standard measuring range 1 … 600 bar (see datasheet for defined measuring ranges)
Special measuring range 2 … 300 bar (see datasheet for defined measuring ranges)
Output signal and maximum permissible load4 ... 20 mA, 2-wire, RA ≤ (UB -8 V) / 0.02 A; 0 ... 10 VDC, 3-wire, RA > 10 kΩ;
Operating temperaturePermissable measured medium temperature: -30 ... +100 °C
Protection classIP 65: Elbow connector Form A EN 175301-803; IP 67: Circular connector Euro M 12 x 1, cable outlet 2 m length

Ordering information

Type code structure
PAG9-81-11I2AExample: PAG9-81-11I2A
 Construction type 9
 Connection thread
 Measuring range
 Signal output
 Electrical connection
Type code PAx9-... (standard and preferred types)
ReferenceAAbsolute pressure 
GRelative pressure
Construction type 9 
Connection thread 81G 1/4 B
901/4 - 18 NPT 
Measuring range See measuring range table 
Signal output I24 – 20 mA
U10 – 10 V 
Electrical connection AElbow connector as per DIN 175301-803 Form A
ECircular connector M12x1 
XCable outlet, length 2 m 
PA_9-_ _-_ __ __Example: PAG9-81-11I2A

Preferred types

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Special types

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Measuring range PAx9
 CodeMeasuring range [bar]Overload [bar] 
StandardAbsolute or relative011 bar2 bar 
021.6 bar3.2 bar 
032.5 bar5 bar
044 bar8 bar
056 bar12 bar
0610 bar20 bar
0716 bar32 bar 
0825 bar50 bar 
Relative0940 bar80 bar
1060 bar120 bar 
11100 bar200 bar 
12160 bar320 bar 
13250 bar500 bar 
14400 bar800 bar 
15600 bar1200 bar 
SpecialRelative202 bar4 bar 
213 bar6 bar 
22-1...4 bar10 bar 
235 bar10 bar 
247 bar14 bar 
258 bar16 bar 
2615 bar30 bar 
2720 bar40 bar 
2830 bar60 bar 
2950 bar100 bar 
30150 bar300 bar 
31180 bar360 bar 
32300 bar600 bar