Transducers for frequency

Measuring transducer for frequency (three-phase generator)


Measuring transducer VFW5

  • Measuring transducer for automotive alternator input
  • Simple application; for harsh environments
  • Compact design for mounting side by side
  • Fine adjustment of the measuring range via sealed integrated trimming potentiometer
  • Operating status indication via integrated LED


Measuring transducers of type VFW5 convert the signal from a 24 V three-phase generator into standardised output signals. They are mounted on G rails or top-hat rails. The sensor input and supply voltage for the output signal are galvanically isolated. Its compact and robust design, as well as the relevant shipbuilding approvals, make this product ideal for marine applications.

Technical data

Supply voltage UsUS via terminal W of a 24 V automotive alternator
Input signalTerminal W of a 24 V automotive alternator
Output signal0 ... 10 V/DC (VFW5..-G1), 2 ... 10 V/DC (VFW5..-G2) short-circuit-proof, load current 20 mA max.; 0 ... 20 mA (VFW5..-I1), 4 ... 20 mA (VFW5..-I2), load resistance 500 Ω max
Operating temperature-20 °C ... +70 °C
ConnectionDIN EN 46244 gold-plated tab connector A6.3 x 0.8
MountingTS32 G-rail or TS35 top-hat rail

Ordering information

Type code structure
VFW501-I2-352Example: VFW501-I2-352
Input signal
 Output signal
 Limit frequency
Type code VFW5 …
Input signal 000 … 100 Hz 
010 … 1,200 Hz 
Output signal -G1-Output 0 … 10 V DC, short-circuit proof 
-G2-Output 2 … 10 V DC, short-circuit proof 
-I1-Output 0 … 20 mA 
-I2Output 4 … 20 mA 
Limit frequency -…Limit frequency in Hz (= 20 mA or 10 V) 
VFW5__-__-__Example: VFW501-I2-352