Separate waste, switch to recyclable materials, save water and have an environmental certificate? Yes, by all means. But not enough. Calling on employees to behave in an environmentally friendly way is important, but it has to be exemplified, our bosses think.

Our goal for 2023: To become more sustainable and increase environmental friendliness at NORIS.
We have already come a little closer to achieving this goal:

✔️ The wallboxes went online at the beginning of January - many of our company cars are already electric or hybrid cars ⛽ ⚡

✔️ In April, we commissioned our photovoltaic system - we now generate around 40% of our electricity requirements ourselves! ☀️

✔️ We have been using district heating since the beginning of the week ♨️

✔️ New mobility concept for our employees: From July, NORIS will subsidise a job bike or job ticket for public transport ✌️


We are proud to be becoming a little more sustainable every day, but there is still a long way to go - our goal is far from being reached! ♻️❤️