2001 - 2015

In 2001 NORIS Automation GmbH was founded in Nuremberg to create a clear separation between those areas of the marine automation business involving extensive project planning and the sensor and display technology sector with its series production character. The company took on the responsibility for the development, production and sales of sensors, displays, measuring transducers and limit value switches and specialised, above all, in the design and development of customer-specific sensors to meet extreme requirements in the shipbuilding and transportation technology industries. The marine automation sector and the project business remained at NORIS Tachometerwerk.

2001-2015 Kabelkonfektion

On the 29th of November 2002 Horst Schmidmer transferred his shares in the company to Schmidmer Holding GmbH (later NORIS Group GmbH). In the same year work began on the third generation of the marine engine monitoring system NORIMOS 3000. In 2003 NORIS Tachometerwerk changed its name to NORIS Marine Systems GmbH & Co. KG to do justice to the company's international orientation. Under a contract dated 23/12/2003 Horst Schmidmer transferred all his shares in Schmidmer Holding GmbH to his sons Christian, Florian and Michael Schmidmer and the Schmidmer brothers became owners of NORIS Group GmbH. In 2004 the NORIMOS 3000 integrated alarm, monitoring and control system (IAMCS) was ready for production and the first orders were processed.

2001-2015 NORISTAR 4

In 2011 new ground was broken with energy engineering products. Control systems for cogeneration power plants were developed using automation components which had previously been used in the NORISTAR 4 remote control. In 2012 NORIS had already received their first order and delivered the complete engine management system for the first of a total of 17 cogeneration power plants. In 2011 LiMaB – Laserintegrierte Materialbearbeitung GmbH – headquartered in Rostock, which has existed since the '90s, also joined NORIS Group GmbH. It provides services such as laser cutting, PCP processing, production of SMD templates and laser marking.

2001-2015 NORIMETER 3

In 2012 NORIS Benelux was founded with its headquarters near Rotterdam in order to better serve the Dutch market and optimise local service provision. Ben Rietveld was appointed as the Managing Director. In September of the same year NORIS presented the new concept for the fourth generation of the NORIMOS 4 integrated alarm, monitoring and control system for the first time at the SMM, the world's leading maritime trade fair. This was based on the open automation platform NORISYS 4 developed specially for this purpose, which had been used successfully in the remote control systems and the controllers of cogeneration power plants in the preceding years.


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