1946 - 1966

The company had been able to maintain good contacts to suppliers and customers even during the war years and thus recovered quickly after the end of the war and by 1956 the number of employees had again increased to 144. The production programme covered the entire range of tachometers that had been produced right up to the end of the war.

In 1961 Walter März became Head of Engineering at NORIS and redesigned the product portfolio in all areas to do with remote rotational-speed measurement. With the significantly more robust, more precise and, above all, cheaper GE Series tachogenerators, NORIS was able to win well-known customers such as DEUTZ AG, MWM, MaK, MAN and DEMAG, and developed into an important supplier for diesel engine manufacturers. On the 1st of June 1961 Ernst Schmidmer's son, Horst Schmidmer, joined the company as Assistant to the Management Board.


1946-1966 Fliehkraftschalter

1946-1966 PRQ

1946-1966 Tachometer

1946-1966 GL