Mechanically connected tachogenerator with alternating voltage output signal


Speed sensor GZ121

  • High-quality tachogenerator with two isolated alternating voltage outputs
  • Suitable for extremely harsh operating conditions
  • Direct or indirect drive possible
  • Protection class: IP66
  • Variable mechanical connections for speed acquisition


Tachogenerators of type GZ121 are mechanically connected 2-channel speed encoders with a sinusoidal alternating voltage output signal. They are attached to the shaft via a flange or bracket. The mechanical connection is realised via a coupling. They do not require any power supply. These tachogenerators are suitable for acquiring shaft speeds. Their compact and robust design, as well as their approval by shipbuilding classification societies, make them ideal for marine applications.

Technical data

Measuring range150 – 2,500 rpm
Output channels2 channels
Output signal2 x galvanically isolated alternating voltage
Operating temperature-20 … +80°C
Protection classIP66
DescriptionArt. no.
Bracket Ø 120, machined, aperture Ø 40h7HA6
Bracket Ø 120, non-machined, aperture Ø 40h7HA6-1
Bracket as per DIN 5377, base form, shaft height 63, aperture Ø 40h11HA8-1
Bracket as per DIN 5377, base form, shaft height 125, aperture Ø 40h11HA8-2
Flange Ø 120, as per DIN 5377 connection 7, with drill holes, aperture Ø 40h7FL21-1
Flange Ø 120, as per DIN 5377 connection 7, non-machined, aperture Ø 40h7FL21-2
Attachment as connection between drive shaft and coupling:
Various threads, diameters and slot sizes available
Rubber coupling, 10F7 drill hole, 50 mm lengthKG2-1
Wheel centre for indirect drive: friction wheel Ø 99, other sizes availableRR99
Wheel centre for indirect drive: V-belt pulley Ø 100, other sizes availableRK100

Ordering information

Type code structure
GZ121-B(not marked)Example: G121-B
Mechanical connection
Type code GZ121
(not marked) Connection 2 as per DIN 5377 (standard version)
-DConnection for flexible shaft as per DIN 75532 E2, drawing 40.400
-RConnection to shaft with blade, drawing 40.400
-WxConnection to shaft of a special length, x = length of shaft, drawing 40.400
GZ121-B-___Example: GZ121-B

Special types

If our standard types do not correspond with your expectations, we are pleased to develop a special solution together with you.