Indicators with stepping motor principle

NORIMETER – Analogue indicators with stepping motor principle


Analogue indicator NIR3 / NIQ3
  • Long lifetime due to compact and robust technology, a high protection class and a glass-fibre-reinforced, salt spray resistant plastic housing, suitable for outdoor areas
  • Indicator with non-linear scales (spreading scale) available
  • Individual scale design and corporate logos possible, even for small quantities
  • Option: Available as indicator with 360° rotary faceplate (see datasheet DB-NIQ31) or as indicator with frequency input with integrated direction-of-rotation monitoring
  • Option: Minimum-Maximum value indication for saving and indicating the highest and lowest measured value
  • Option: Control functionality for sensor failure and power supply failure (Live-Zero)
  • Connection for external illumination control as well as separate default brightness setting. On devices with an illuminated pointer it is also possible to set the pointer lighting separately.


NORIMETER indicators of type NIR3..., NIQ3... are analogue, high-resolution stepping motor indicators controlled by microprocesses. They serve to visualise velocity, speed, pressure, temperature, etc. Their compact and robust design makes them suitable for continuous use in harsh environments. They fulfil the requirements expressed in DIN EN 50155 for transportation technology and also the approvals of the societies for commercial shipbuilding.

Technical data

Supply voltage US18 ... 36 VDC, other voltages on request
Input signalsAnalogue measuring signals (current, voltage), frequency, resistive sensor signals
Operating temperatureReference range of operation: -25 ... +70 °C, nominal range of operation: -25 ... +70 °C
Connection8-pin connector
MountingFastening screws with dovetail key and hand knob (tool-less)
Protection classDIN EN 60529: Front of housing IP66, IP67 and IP68 (1 m, 24 h); rear of housing IP30 (standard, higher on request)
ApprovalsCE, ABS, BV, DNV-GL, LR, MED
DescriptionArt. no.
Adapter cable for replacement of NORIMETER 2 indicators (e.g. type NIR2, NIQ2) by NORIMETER 3 indicators (e.g. type NIR3, NIQ3, not suitable for indicators with Pt100 input)KM203-1

Ordering information

Type code NIR3…, NIQ3…
NIIndicator from the NORIMETER product family
Housing typeQSquare
Series 3Fixed number for series (indicator generation)
Housing size -072Square, body 72 x 72 mm
-096Square, body 96 x 96 mm
-144Square, body 144 x144 mm
-060Round, body Ø 60 mm
-080Round, body Ø 80 mm
-100Round, body Ø 100 mm
-130Round, body Ø 130 mm
Input signal -F1Frequency, pulsating direct voltage, 0.2 Hz ... 140 KHz
-F2Frequency, alternating voltage, 0.2 Hz ... 140 KHz
-FD1Frequency, pulsating direct voltage with integrated direction-of-rotation monitoring
-FD2Frequency, pulsating alternating voltage with integrated direction-of-rotation monitoring
-H1NTC thermistor 40 … 120 °C
-H2NTC thermistor 5 … 70 °C
-H3NTC thermistor 114 … 200 °C
-H0NTC thermistor, customer-specific compensation
-I1Direct current 0 … 20 mA
-I2Direct current 4 … 20 mA
-I4Direct current -20 …0… +20 mA
-I0Direct current, customer-specific compensation
-PxPt100; 2-wire (x = measuring range, see pos. x below)
-PxL3Pt100; 3-wire (x = measuring range, see pos. x below)
-PxL4Pt100; 4-wire (x = measuring range, see pos. x below)
-PTxPt1000; 2-wire (x = measuring range, see pos. x below)
-PTxL3Pt1000; 3-wire (x = measuring range, see pos. x below)
-PTxL4Pt1000; 4-wire (x = measuring range, see pos. x below)
x10 … 120 °C20 … 150 °C
30 … 200 °C40 … 250 °C
50 … 300 °C60 … 400 °C
70 … 500 °C80 … 600 °C
11-30 … 120 °C120 … 100 °C
0Customer-specific compensation
R0Resistance, customer-specific compensation
-U1DC voltage, 0 … 10 VDC
-U2DC voltage, 2 … 10 VDC
-U4DC voltage, -10 …0… +10 VDC
-U0DC voltage, customer-specific compensation
-UG0DC voltage, customer-specific compensation for tachogenerator GE1214
Scale version    -123Measuring range, scale type, etc.
Cust.-specific indicator    V456Customer-specific indicator
Approval     -MEDGL MED approval for shipbuilding
NI_3-___-___-____-____Example: NIQ3-072-F1-123-MED

Flashing of pointers when limit value is exceeded

Slow flashing of scale dials and pointers when signal is not valid or signal wire-break