Alarm system extension

Slave display for alarm extension systems and duty alarm systems


Alarm system extension N3000-DSP

  • Cabin unit for alarm extension systems and duty alarm systems (e.g. for ship cabins, mess room, office, bridge, etc.)
  • Display of measurement value channels, channel statuses and alarms from the automation systems (e.g. IAMCS)
  • Visual and acoustic alarm triggering
  • Acoustic and visual fire alarm signalling from an external, independent fire alarm system (type N3000-DSP20 only)
  • Ideal for use in shipbuilding thanks to approvals from classification societies


The N3000-DSP10 and N3000-DSP20 are slave displays and ideally suited for use as an HMI for automation systems, e.g. for integrated alarm, monitoring and control systems (IAMCS). They are used in conjunction with the master display N3000-DMP30/31 as an extension in duty alarm systems and alarm extension systems for accommodation and mess rooms. They signal alarms at a local level, have a role to play in the engineer call and indicate measurement values and channel statuses. The N3000-DSP20 display version is equipped with an additional fire alarm call box for connecting to an external, independent fire alarm system.

Technical data


Panel display for installation in control cabinets and operating panels

Supply voltage US

18 … 32 V DC

Operating temperature

-25 … +70 °C


Terminal with cage clamp as per the Phoenix Mini-Combicon system:
1 x supply voltage
2 x iBus
3 x relay outputs
1 x serial interface (RS-422, RS-485)