Sea Trial successfully passed

Semi-submersible vessel Xin Yao Hua is ready to start

No this is not Atlantis popping up!

This is Xin Yao Hua finishing the three weeks sea trial period successfully, including diving-tests. The 80,000 tonne semi-submersible vessel with total length of 255 meters is designed to dive a depth of 30.5 meters.

Although these kinds of ships are rarities on the high seas, it was the second one in 2021 getting a NORIS system. In early 2021, its little sister "Xiang An Kou" was launched.

Both vessels are built by Guangzhou Shipyard International Co., Ltd. They are equipped with our NORISTAR 4 propulsion control system. Xin Yao Hua is a four-engine, two-propeller configuration with four 6000 kW motors that can be started or stopped from every control position.


Comfort and Safety Systems on board

Switching between the control stations is easy. If you want to relocate the steering from the engine control room to the bridge for example, the “Electric Shaft” function ensures quick synchronisation: the control levers on all panels at the ship move constantly with the operating one, so the control can be taken over smoothly, and the speed of the ship does not change.

Our remote-control system requires a confirmation on both sides (handshake procedure) to take over steering. If someone tries to move the control lever without permission, the “Force Feedback” function intervenes: the control lever vibrates and switches off the automatic movement and this, prevents unauthorised operation.

If you take a closer look at the lever panel, you will notice the colour-contrasting side buttons and controller displays. These belong to a self-sufficient “Non-Follow-Up” system (NFU). If the control fails, the control lever can’t be handled any longer, but the engine speed can still be controlled from here. Of course, the speed can also be controlled in the engine room itself, but it is much more convenient for the user on the panel.

During the sea trial of the Xin Yao Hua, the service technicians from our subsidiary NORIS-SIBO were on board. Our NORISTAR 4 drive control was also extensively tested. After Xin Yao Hua passed all tests, she can finally weigh anchor. It is not known yet where the journey will go. Semi-submersibles are usually used to transport other vessels and heavy cargo such as drilling platforms.

We wish Xin Yao Hua and her crew safe trips! Congrats to our colleagues at NORIS-SIBO on this outstanding project!