PBES Norway and Noris Automation GmbH announce partnership agreement

NORIS Automation GmbH and PBES Norway announced a partnership agreement to represent PBES energy storage for marine customers. The energy storage solutions are used e. g. for hybrid and fully electric commercial marine vessels.
This further underscores the on-going green shift that is now occurring in the commercial marine industry. Increasing the efficiency and reducing pollution from commercial marine vessels are one of the main goals. Therefore, PBES (www.pbes.com) designs and manufactures high power lithium-ion energy storage. Comprised of the most experienced team in the sector, PBES is focused on providing value and safety for industrial, marine and grid energy storage applications.
“We are pleased to announce the agreement with PBES,” stated Uwe Ulrich, Managing Director of NORIS Automation GmbH. “Much of the future of shipping will be based on hybrid and electric propulsion.”
Brent Perry, PBES Chief Executive Officer stated that NORIS is a company with deep roots in the marine industry, which provides PBES with confidence that NORIS is the ideal partner to bring their products to marine customers. NORIS Automation is going to expand its product range with PBES battery storage systems and in future strives for the use with own power management solutions.