NORISTAR 4 at Maritime Industry

We absolutely have the best partners!

Last week YANMAR as well as August Storm were busy at trade fairs. Our NORISTAR 4 propulsion control system was also there. Our trade fair favorite is always well received by visitors, who doesn't want to miss the chance to feel like a captain for a moment?

With our partner Trevor McDonald and YANMAR our control lever panel was in Scotland at the Skipper Expo, as you know from our last post.

After that, our NORISTAR 4 accompanied our partner August Storm to the Netherlands, to Gronichem at the Maritime Industry.

We would like to thank all visitors and our partners, special thanks to Christian Felthaus for the pictures!

You would like to operate our control lever panel yourself? No problem, you will have the chance to do so next month at the Electric&Hybrid Marine Expo 2022!