NORIFID – wireless measurement value acquisition on moving parts

For condition monitoring, it is an essential part to continuously acquire and analyse precise measurement data. As soon as moving parts come into play, e. g. the bearings of a planetary gear or the windings of a rotor in an electric motor, it becomes difficult to acquire precise measurement data, because the relevant measuring points cannot be accessed by wired sensors.

For such requirements, we developed a robust and reliable solution that is based on proven technologies and provides a sensor on a moving part with energy and transmits the measurement data wirelessly via RFID to a receiver: NORIFID.

NORIFID ConceptNORIFID on electronic motor

NORIFID consists of a reader that is mounted on a fixed part and a transponder with integrated measurement element that is mounted on the moving part. The measurement element can be an integral part of the transponder or, if necessary, placed outside at the measuring point and wired to the transponder. Thus, the system can be easily adapted to different applications. Click here to learn more about NORIFID.