Alternative drives gain in importance - NORIS and PBES intensify partnership

It´s not only the automotive industry that is making headlines with hybrid and electric vehicles. There is also a lot going on in the shipbuilding industry. Especially in the last few months, a lot has happened. More and more hybrid ferries are starting service and even the first fully electric vessels are on the water. The industry is moving in a new direction.

An important impulse is coming from Norway. Since the first week of March, new environmental rules have been in force to protect fjords with World Heritage status. Significant parts of these rules are stricter emission limit values. According to the Norwegian parliament, traffic in the fjords should even be completely emission-free by 2026. This can only be achieved by a quick change to alternative drives.

With the Canadian company PBES, which develops and manufactures high-performance lithium-ion battery storage systems for the maritime sector, we have a strong partner at our side when it comes to alternative drives. This cooperation is now being expanded even further. Our subsidiary NORIS Automation Rostock will take over the sales and service for Europe and Africa in the future. PBES can thus benefit from the worldwide network of the NORIS Group. For example, the Asian market can also be served. Our Singapore subsidiary NORIS Automation Far East Ltd. already has first projects in prospect. On the other hand, NORIS can thus offer its customers a perfect supplement for hybrid and all-electric drives in addition to the newly developed power management system NORISYNC.

Both companies see enormous potential in the more intensive cooperation. This strategic partnership gives us security with regard to the challenges facing drive automation in the near future.