A good example for perfect customer orientation

Almost nothing is impossible: One of our latest projects is a prime example for the advantages which a customer-oriented full-range supplier implies and of course how flexible myNORIS automation solution is.

In August 2019, NORIS delivered a myNORIS engine and tank alarm and monitoring system for two Egyptian tug boats. The project included a HMI touchscreen display with visualisation software and control cabinets per ship. Up to here nothing special.

However, during the running project, the ship owner placed an additional request to indicate the tank level in percent of each of the 15 on-board tanks locally. Due to the modular design of the hardware and software, it was an easy task to integrate the tank level measurement and provide sensor junction boxed with local indication showing the tank level after calculation according to the sounding tables.

Furthermore, the visualisation should show as many channels as possible per display page clearly and simply. The solution for that was not only to use a larger display, but also to use it simply upright and to adapt the myNORIS visualisation software to the new conditions. This is a good example for perfectcustomer orientation: only when the customer is satisfied, we have done our work properly.