Flange sensors

Stainless-steel flange sensor, Pt100/Pt1000


Temperature sensor TA18

  • Compact, robust and enclosed design
  • Ideal for transport technology, thanks to their construction and type test as per DIN EN 50155
  • Simple assembly via flange design
  • Available in various immersion depths
  • Simple customised cable assembly, optionally with increased insulation voltage > 2 kV AC
  • Available as 2-wire, 3-wire or 4-wire type
  • Maintenance-free
  • Reduced-weight design; also available with 90° cable outlet (see TA14) or 45° cable outlet (see TA17)


Temperature sensors of type TA18 are flange sensors with a Pt100/Pt1000 measuring element and are available with one or two integrated measuring elements on request. They have a straight cable outlet. The standard connection cable can be fitted with polyamide protective tubing for use in harsh environments, or with textile protective tubing for use in extreme harsh environments.

Technical data

Measuring principle

Pt100 with 2-, 3- or 4-wire circuit, Pt1000 with 2-wire circuit

Temperature range

Measuring tip: -40 ... 250 °C

Protection class



Sensor tube: Stainless steel
Housing: Aluminium anodised


Fixed connection cable, 0.33 mm² shielded, halogen-free (other on request)

Immersion depth

75 mm, 100 mm (other lengths on request)

Accuracy / Tolerance class

DIN EN 60571: class F0.3 (B) (other classes on request)