Speed sensors (non-contacting)

Non-contacting 2-channel speed sensor with stainless-steel sensor tube, difference-Hall principle


Speed sensor FAHZ53

  • Due to its design and type approval according to DIN EN 50155 especially suitable for transport technology
  • Speed sensor with two square wave signals, signals 90° offset for direction of rotation detection
  • Robust and high quality housing: IP68 pressure-tight and individually tested at 5 bar (for details see technical data)
  • Excellent vibration and shock resistance
  • Straight connection outlet


Speed sensors of type FAHZ53 are non-contacting 2-channel speed encoders with a stainless-steel flange and sensor tube. They measure frequency in accordance with the difference-hall-effect principle. These speed sensors are suitable for scanning ferromagnetic materials, e.g. gearwheels with various tooth shapes, screw heads, drill holes, apertures, grooves or pulse bands on smooth shafts (accessories). Their compact and robust design, as well as the relevant tests as per DIN EN 50155, make them ideal for applications in the field of transport technology, e.g. measuring speed at the traction motor, gearbox or wheelset.

TypeMeasuring principleOutput signalsSignal pattern
FAHZ53Difference-hall2 square wave signals,
Q2 to Q1 90° phase offset

Technical data

Supply voltage Us8 ... 32 VDC
Frequency range0.2 ... 20,000 Hz
Measuring channels2 measuring channels
Output signal and signal type2 square wave signals
Scanning objectFerromagnetic materials
Toothed wheel: Module m1 to m3; tooth face width > 7 mm (spur gear DIN867)
Hole: Ø ≥ 5 mm, web ≥ 2 mm, depth ≥ 4 mm
Groove: ≥ 4 mm, web ≥ 2 mm, depth ≥ 4 mm
Scanning object - distance0.2 ... 3 mm; recommended: 1.0 ± 0.5 mm
Operating temperature-40 ... 105 °C (+120 °C for a short time)
Protection classHousing: IP66/IP68/IP69

Ordering information

Type code structure
FAHZ53-13- X07-M10SExample: FAHZ53-13-X07-M10S
Nominal length L1 of the sensor tube
 Without code: straight connection outlet
 Electrical connection
 Sheath length
Type code FAHZ53…
Nominal length13-L1 = 29 mm
Connection outlet  Without code: straight outlet
 XCable end standard (without protective tubing)
XGSCable end, protective tubing, steel reinforced 
XGTCable end, protective tubing, textile reinforced  
XPCable end, protective tubing, polyamide
Sheath length 05Sheath length 2.0 m, halogen-free 
07Sheath length 5.0 m, halogen-free
08Sheath length 7.5 m, halogen-free 
09Sheath length 10.0 m, halogen-free 
Module -M10Module m1 
-M12Module m1.25 
-M15Module m1.5 
 Without code means module m2
-M25Module m2.5 
-M30Module m3 
Shield  Without code: shield is attached to the sensor housing
S0Shield is not attached to the sensor housing 
FAHZ53 -_ _-_ __ __ _-_ _ Example: FAHZ53-13-X07 (preferred type)

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