Speed encoders

Mechanically connected, screw-in speed encoder with 2 square wave output signals.


Speed sensor NADS3

  • Speed sensor with two square wave output signals and rotational direction relay
  • Can be mounted in place of a tachogenerator
  • Can be loaded with 50 mA SINK and 20 mA LOAD
  • High EMC protection for harsh electrical environments
  • For harsh environments up to IP66


Speed encoders of type NADS3 are 2-channel aluminium speed encoders and are fitted with a bracket or an installation flange for standard spigots on the shaft. The drive shaft of the speed encoder is connected directly to the speed source (e.g. motor, generator) by means of a coupling. The speed is converted into a square wave signal using a signal amplifier. Two square wave signals with a phase offset of 90° are available. These speed encoder are suitable for acquiring shaft speeds.

Technical data

Supply voltage UsUs =18 ... 30 V DC, Unom = 24 V DC ±5% harmonic content
Us = 10 ... 30 V DC if speed relay function is not used
Frequency range0 … 6,000 rpm = 0 … 6,000 Hz
Pulses/revolution60 pulses/revolution
Output channels2 channels
Output signal2 x square wave signal
Operating temperature-25 … +85°C
Protection classIP66


ItemDescriptionArt. no.
01Attachment for connecting to a shaftAN2-2G
02Rubber coupling KG2-1

Ordering information

Type code structure
NADS3-13-KExample: NADS3-13-K
Mechanical connection
 Electrical connection
Type code NADS3
-13Connecting shaft Ø 10 mm for coupling (see drawing in technical documentation)
 -KTerminal box with screw terminal
NADS3-__-__Example: NADS3-13-K

Special types

If our standard types do not correspond with your expectation, we are pleased to develop a special solution together with you.