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Dead-man System

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Dead-man systems

The dead-man system is a stand-alone system for monitoring the presence of staff in areas on board a ship that are normally unattended (e.g. in the engine room). A person activates the system by entering the engine room, thus starting a countdown. The person must then acknowledge its presence by pushing a button within this time-frame. If presence is not acknowledged, an alarm is triggered.


The dead-man system is flexible and scalable. Not only small systems, but also large ones with several engine rooms can be equipped with this system. The dead-man system can also be integrated into our alarm and monitoring system or alarm extension system on request.

  • Monitoring of staff presence in areas that are normally unattended
  • Different components for the engine control room and the engine room
  • Adjustable countdown times
  • Standardised interfaces with the external alarm and monitoring system