Emergency order telegraphs

Emergency order telegraph for transmitting orders



  • Robust for harsh environments
  • Different device versions for bridge and engine room
  • Up to 12 telegraphs in one system
  • Integrated fault monitoring and display
  • Dimmable lighting
  • Wrong-way alarm
  • Integrated buzzer for signalling when commands are piling up
  • VDR interface via RS-422/485


The NORISTAR EOT is an emergency order telegraph and is used to transmit engine orders from the bridge to the engine room in emergency situations. It is equipped with 11 order buttons. If an order button is pressed on the bridge, the connected EOT signals the order in the engine room, both visually and acoustically. Up to 12 telegraphs can be integrated in one EOT system, thus covering even large-scale applications.

Ordering information

Type code structure EOT…
Base type
 Model / Device Type
 Equipment option 1
 Equipment option 2
Type code NORISTAR…
Base type-EOTEmergency Order Telegraph
Model /
Device type
 TRA FWDTransmitter Forward facing
TRA AFTTransmitter Astern facing
(console mounting if without Equipment option 1)
Equipment option 1 -BOXReceiver installed in wall mounting cabinet
(standard mounting if without Equipment option 2)
Equipment option 2-AWBell installed at wall mounting cabinet
-FLFlash light installed at wall mounting cabinet
-AW-FLBell and flash light installed at wall mounting cabinet
NORISTAR-EOT_ _ _ _ _ _-_ _ _-_ _-_ _Example: NORISTAR-EOT RECV-BOX-AW-FL