Alarm system extension

Group alarm indicator for up to 18 individual or group alarms


Alarm system extension N3000-SSP01

  • Group alarm with indicator panels, which can be labelled and illuminated fields which can have a coloured background (e.g. for a ship's cabins, mess, office, bridge, etc.)
  • Visual signalling of up to 18 individual or group alarms from automation systems
  • As an extension for slave display N3000-DSP20 or master display N3000-DMP30/31
  • Ideal for use in shipbuilding thanks to approvals from classification societies


The N3000-SSP01 is a group alarm indicator for visually signalling alarms from automation systems. It is used in conjunction with a master display of type N3000-DMP30/31 as an extension in the engine control room or on the bridge, or with a slave display of type N3000-DSP10/20 in accommodation and mess rooms for duty alarm systems and alarm extension systems. It displays up to 18 individual or group alarms on 18 labelled indicator panels with a coloured background.

Technical data


Signal panel for installation in control cabinets and operating panels

Supply voltage US

18 … 32 V DC

Operating temperature

-25 … +70 °C


Terminal with cage clamp as per the Phoenix Mini-Combicon system:
1 x supply voltage
1 x iBus
4 x digital inputs