A very special Christmas greeting

Christkindlesmarkt, sausages and gingerbread – for real Nuremberg residents, probably the three most beautiful words in the world. Even though we are now operating world-wide, Nuremberg is our headquarters and origin. That's why we also love the Christmas delicacies and enthuse for the "Nembercher Lebkouhng" (Nuremberg gingerbread) far beyond Franconian borders.

It is rumored that even the managing directors are diligently baking.

But what has gingerbread to do with Christmas? Why do the Nuremberg residents claim that their gingerbread is one of the best one in the world? Do the Schmidmers really bake themselves and why do they give gingerbread as a gift?

Investigative research of the marketing department led to the following results:

The most difficult part of our research was the question whether the Schmidmers really bake themselves: and the answer is “yes”. Furthermore, they baked gingerbread for each employee in order to show personal appreciation.

Florian Schmidmer said very emphatically in an interview: “And that’s why we would like to thank our staff for their outstanding commitment, their patience and perseverance under these difficult circumstances. We know that what you have accomplished in your professional and also in your private lives is more than what we have expected and far beyond what we can expect from you.”

Michael Schmidmer added: “But this was not just a "NORIS issue", our business partners had to deal with similar challenges. We would like to take this "as personal as possible" opportunity to thank you for the good cooperation.”

We wish you all a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy the holidays and have a good rest!