Twelve commercial companies, two scientific institutions and the “regiopole region Rostock” are joining forces to form a joint project: E2MUT (emission-free electromobility for maritime urban transport).

The vision: a holistic approach to system solutions for maritime, urban electric mobility.

On board: our subsidiary NORIS Automation Rostock!


E2Mut promises success across the board because sustainable transport solutions not only benefit the environment. The development of new markets and the growth in sales and employment promise great economic potential. Research and science also benefit from the development of innovative technologies.


One goal of the future-oriented technologies is a mature energy management in which different producers and consumers are networked with each other. In addition to different drive systems, different concepts are also used for the provision of energy: batteries, fuel cells, but also hybrids are planned.


Our task in this project: We analyze the sensor technologies and check how they can be integrated for the various applications. Then we are going to develop models for the control.


We are proud to be a partner in this innovative project and thus to be involved in regional structural change!