Good service is the be-all and end-all! We look after our projects from the very beginning – and also after commissioning is complete. One of these projects is the "Pelee Islander II", a ferry built in 2018 at the Asenav shipyard in Chile. Upon completion, the lady immediately obtained the Canadian citizenship and is in service with the Owen Sound Transportation Company.

Each year in spring, just before season begins, our service technician flies to Ontario to do preventive service on board of the ferry. Our NORISMOS 4, the alarm, monitoring and control system gets a refreshment treatment during which the hardware will be thoroughly tested same as software updates implemented in order to support crews daily operation.

In addition, our service technician doublechecks all control functions and carries out system and channel adjustments as requested by the client. At the same time, all connected sensors and actuators will be monitored to reliably alert the crew in the event of error or malfunction.

The maintenance and optimisation measures primarily serve on-board safety. They also prevent further expenses by minimizing or avoiding downtime.

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure safe and reliable operation of the system each new season. Once maintenance has been successfully completed, the Ro-Pax ferry will set sail on the first of April as is customary:

The "Pelee Islander II" transports passengers and vehicles safely from Kingsville and Leamington to Pelee Island, the largest island in Lake Erie. This small vacation paradise belongs to Canada but sits right on the border with the US of A.

We take great pleasure in this continued project and wish the "Pelee Islander II" a safe journey and its passengers a wonderful experience!