We are proud! Our trainee Max has mastered his apprenticeship as the best in the class of 2022!

The "IHK zu Rostock" calls the graduates "stars of training" and "super trainees". His real title is almost as cool - "Electronics technician for operating technology in the field of switching and control systems".

But Max is only at the beginning of his career, he is already moving on at the university. He has been studying electrical engineering since the winter semester. We are happy for him - and for us, because he will continue to work at our subsidiary in Rostock as a student trainee.


We wanted to know how to become a “super trainee”. 3 questions for Max about success, his passion for electrical engineering and his plans for the future:


Have you always been this successful?

No, I've never cared about grades. Putting energy into areas that really interest me has only been logical for me. The only thing that makes me successful is that I follow exactly the path that makes to my dreams and desires come true and that I push myself to achieve the things I want to achieve and leave my comfort zone to do so.


Why are you exciting about electrical engineering?

It's a love-hate relationship. The spectrum in which one you can specialise is huge. Nevertheless, one is restricted since the application in reality is ultimately defined by humans.That's where I sometimes get stuck. Every person, and therefore every system, is different. But that's what makes it so attractive to me.

The wonderful thing about electrical engineering is that I can eventually realise the things I want to achieve if I invest enough work.


Do you already have professional (or private) plans for the future?

My future plans are, a bed, a workshop, enough knowledge, time, money and energy to fulfill myself and to initialise and carry out my own projects.

Congratulations Max (2nd from left) and of course to all other trainees for this outstanding achievement! (Image source:©Danny Gohlke)