Back to the roots: NORIS has a project in nuremberg!

We are very proud that our products are represented world-wide. But operating in the hometown is always special.This summer the first of Twenty-six new Avenio streetcars will drive through our hometown, Nuremberg.

And we are happy to be on board with our speed sensor FAHZ. We supplied 1200 sensors for the complete Avenio Platform. The new low-floor trams are chic, spacious, functional with state-of-the-art technology.They are built by Siemens Mobility and expand the VAG Nuremberg's (Verkehr-Aktiengesellschaft) range.The aim is to have a quicker pace during rush hour but also to expand the transport network.

"[Trams are] the fastest possibility to be mobile besides the underground, thanks to priority switching of traffic lights and thanks to road sections on separate train tracks", explains Elisabeth Seitzinger, press officer of VAG Nuremberg.

Fast, environmentally friendly, and less stressful. At least for everyone, who must drive by car through the city and don't like to spend their time to red traffics lights or finding a parking lot. Some good reasons to leave the car at home and try the public transport sometimes - due to our opinion.
Noris Group GmbH says thank you to SiemensMobility for the great collaboration and thanks to VAG Nuremberg for this good cooperation.

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