NORIS is part of the VDMA’s MTP working group

The integration of automation systems in the ship’s command level is often time-consuming. Transfer protocols, signal forms and data formats must be mutually coordinated to ensure systems communication. And this should be achieved with MTP (Module Type Package).

MTP will simplify the communication between the command level and on-board automation systems. A closer look into details of automation functions makes clear that manufacturers have different approaches regarding PLC programming or the transmission of measured values. But for the command level, it is the result which is primarily important, e.g. if an engine start was successful or if there is any problem with the engine. Shipyards, system suppliers and mechanical engineers see great potential in the standardisation of interfaces and protocols. For this purpose, MTP should provide a service which standardises the result of functions for the process and the command level.

As a manufacturer of engine and gear-box automation systems, it is of course in our interest to simplify these processes and to optimise the project progression and we are confident that MTP can help us in the future. For further information about MTP working group, please visit the VDMA website.