Easter Special: Interview youngest colleagues

Enough of Easter eggs and Easter bunnies, today’s topic is about our “fledglings”.
NORIS is almost 100 years old, a company with tradition, experience and its own culture. Reliability and expertise make us popular with customers, partners and suppliers, but what do our most important stakeholders actually think of us?

What does young people motivate to choose a traditional company that is almost 100 years old? What hurdles do they have to overcome and what would they change if they could? Small spoiler in advance - today's article is dedicated to our employees. Our two youngest colleagues, Celina and Lea talking about tradition, health measures at work and enthusiasm for technology.

What did you not expect beforehand? Did something surprise you?

Celina: Yes, I was positively surprised. I had another job interview before and was treated kind of ugly there. I was surprised that the atmosphere was so warm and family-like here, and my new colleagues are all smiles right away.

"Positive vibes, so to speak?"

Celina: yes, exactly. So far, I could feel the positive mood in all the departments I have been in – especially in the warehouse, where I've been for a long time now. I think two or three months. Sometimes, I visit them for lunching.

Lea: I can only agree: My colleagues are really cool, everyone is super nice, like Celina said, you were accepted straight away. You are part of the team from the beginning.

You chose us. In your opinion, what makes NORIS so interesting for young people?

Lea: For me personally? I briefly have to reach back: My parents also have had a company for several generations now. A laundry. And NORIS is already family-run in the third generation. For me it was an advantage that the company has been existing for so long and the fact that NORIS is also a family business. You can see that in our products too: I really like the combination of the modern and the traditional. I appreciate that.

If you could introduce something new here, no matter what, what would it be?

Celina: I like the loungers in the garden for the summer. It would be also great to have these balls to sit on at the desk, for a healthy back, and height-adjustable tables so that you can also stand during work.

What are you enjoying here?

Celina: I was in several departments. It was interesting to see something completely different because I was only at school and studied for a short time. The processes and relations are exciting, for example the fine-tuning in production. It was really interesting to see and to have done it.

Did you do the fine work yourself?

Celina: Yes, quite a bit. For example, I threaded small wires through eyelets pins for the wiring and I have already assembled speed sensors. In the beginning I only saw everything in this black case and to see how everything is assembled individually and then to do it yourself is really cool. We have a large range of products, and we are technically oriented - is it difficult to understand all the products, is there a hurdle?

Lea: Yes, a little bit. I work in sales. At first, I only saw the products on the computer or as an image and that was sometimes a bit difficult, I couldn't picture everything. A colleague showed me the different products in real life and from then on it was working I assembled and disassembled the sensors. Actually, it wasn’t that difficult.